Saturday, 4 June 2011

Knut the polar bear died

Aw, so this is what I found today!! I never heard about the story before and it just broke my heart. This little polar bear is SO CUTE !! Honestly, those people who have worked with the cute white bear were soooo lucky! haha I want one now =P

In what one German newspaper referred to as a tragedy, Knut the polar bear who captured the hearts of the world as a cub, has died. 

The four year old bear was alone in his enclosure when he suddenly collapsed and died.

Hundreds of visitors were watching the terrible sight as Knut lay motionless in the water, and people throughout Germany were devastated.

Hundreds of flowers are being left at the Berlin zoo in tribute to this beloved bear. Apparently it was issues with the brain that caused the death
Did you guys hear about this???