Saturday, 4 June 2011

Knut the polar bear died

Aw, so this is what I found today!! I never heard about the story before and it just broke my heart. This little polar bear is SO CUTE !! Honestly, those people who have worked with the cute white bear were soooo lucky! haha I want one now =P

In what one German newspaper referred to as a tragedy, Knut the polar bear who captured the hearts of the world as a cub, has died. 

The four year old bear was alone in his enclosure when he suddenly collapsed and died.

Hundreds of visitors were watching the terrible sight as Knut lay motionless in the water, and people throughout Germany were devastated.

Hundreds of flowers are being left at the Berlin zoo in tribute to this beloved bear. Apparently it was issues with the brain that caused the death
Did you guys hear about this???

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Power Of Words

Hi everyone! 
What a pretty day today, it's nice and sunny here in Toronto :-). Just the way I like it!! I'm also very happy on this lovely day, I GOT AN INTERVIEW THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!! I'm so excited, I REALLLY hope I get it!! The manager made it sound like I was getting hired anyway =S, maybe he's just desperate for people. Well anyway fingers crossed!!
Anyway I saw this video and thought it has a completely wonderful  meaning behind it!! I hope all you take the time to watch it, it really shows the power of our words. I often tell my boyfriend to say things in a nicer way, not change the meaning of what he was saying but just use nicer words so we both can be =). It's truly amazing if you say something nice but still get the message across, people react totally different and take you seriously. They actually can respect what you're saying and they can fully undestand you which will end in no arguments.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Hello =] !
I was watching something on tv today, about how we should be taking vitamins/minerals to keep our body healthy and to fight diseases and such.
Now I am  a total believer in this. I usually tend to stick with the natural approach with most things, unless things get out of hand and I need some drugs =P.  I actually BARELY go to visit the doctor UNLESS it is totally necessary. You know, I actually haven't seen the doctor for maybe about 10 years now and I'm perfectly fine. I cured my own darn fever in ONE day!! lol crazy but true.
I also take supplements to keep me healthy and beeeeeeeeee-youuuu-teeeeeee-full =P hehe. I usually take 2 vitamin C pills ( 4-5 if I am sick or feeling a little under the weather), 2 calcium + magnesium pills, 1 daily vitamin (forgot what it's called, one with all the nutrients in it hahah) and you cannot forgot your fish oils!!!!! 2 fish oil pills daily. Yupppp that's what I take and completely feel like it benefits me.
So I was wondering, do you guys believe in vitamins and how they can help you? If so, what do you take? how much?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

I think I just peed a

I was browsing on the internet and I happened to stop by on this:
It is pretty much about the CN tower in Toronto and how they made a new attraction on it. Which is this:

O_____O. Yes, those are people alright, real or fake? It doesn't matter the fact is this will be a new attraction coming to Toronto. Hahahahaahahahaha.. now even if you paid me to do this I WOULDN'T!!
I'm  soooo scared of heights, there is nooo way! I've been to the CN Tower before and they have this glass floor that you can stand on and jump on etc. and below you can see the city. I never EVER once tried to step on that floor even with over weight kids jumping on the glass and laughing, I cringed every time they jumped thinking it would break and they would fall!
I'm even scared of rock climbing, I would never do that EVER, or even go bungee jumping, skydiving you name it! Anything with heights.
The funny thing is that I am O.K. with planes, even sitting beside the window and watching the world below us. Is there a difference, I guess, I don't know..
How do you guys feel about heights???

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Best Friends

I'm sure many of you have seen this before, but I came across it today and every time I watch it, I can't help but smile.
I wish I had best friends like these two, this is honestly a beautiful relationship.

Oh and welcome to my blog, hope all of you will be coming back to check up on my random rants and random thoughts. Basically whatever I have on my mind =D